• Our Executive are all seasoned commercial professionals with many years of experience in the IT industry, corporate finance and specifically merger and acquisitions.

  • We fund acquisitions through our own resources and are supported by a network of high net worth individuals and corporate finance organisations who share our vision of process improvement leading to increased shareholder value.

  • Gowi Ventures is looking for businesses which are looking for additional financial investment and that recognise additional experienced commercial experience could be brought to bear to assist the business to grow.

Operating with excellence

GOWI Ventures seeks to instil a culture of operational excellence within the businesses which it directs and manages.

Its primary business purpose is to acquire, invest in and operate software and services companies. Typically these businesses will have developed and are selling their own software to an established base of customers. These businesses may be in need of additional funding or specialist business acumen to take them on to the next level.

GOWI Ventures Directors are all seasoned veterans of the technology systems marketplace and collectively deliver significant added value and experience to the operating businesses. In addition, GOWI Ventures will deliver equity investment and intellectual capital to organisations that could benefit from the introduction of both.

Not surprisingly, for a board of directors that has well over 100 years of practical business experience in the running, managing, financing, programming, marketing and selling of technology solutions, GOWI Ventures has an extensive and trusted network of specialist advisors across all aspects of business operation from corporate finance to specialist HR.

All of its activities are geared towards maximising the return on investment for its equity partners.